15 Worst Jobs in the World That Would Make You Love Your Own Job

Manure Inspector

One of the most important fertilizer is the animal manure but first it has to be checked for contaminants like E.coli and salmonella then that’s where manure inspector comes in. Not only they get to search for bacteria that causes bloody diarrhea, they also have to paddle through tons of animal waste.



Brazil Mosquito Researcher

In order to study these insects, scientists must offer themselves as bait. In the early evening where mosquito activity is busiest, a mosquito researcher sets himself up inside a mosquito-netting tent with a gap at the bottom. Mosquitoes fly in low and get trapped inside where the researcher sits stoically sacrificing his skin to science. The researcher need only offer his legs to keep the blood suckers busy and then he or she draws it into a mouth tube and then expels it into a container.


A researcher at Rockefeller University feeds her stock of yellow fever mosquitoes.