15 Worst Jobs in the World That Would Make You Love Your Own Job



Roadkill Remover

Roadkill removers locate, remove and dispose dead animals on the side of the road that are killed by motor vehicle. They spend their day driving around looking for roadkill. They may cover a county, a section of highway or a large region of roads. This job is definitely not for animal lovers. It’s a job that is on call for 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Staff photo by Bill Green Kevin Gilmor of the State Highway Administration drags a deer carcass onto a truck lift as he removed two deer from alongside Md. 17 near Martin Road Tuesday.



Guard at Buckingham Palace

These guards do not only stand there for hours, they are also not allowed to smile or laugh. They should always look their best. Any soldier whose turn-out is less than immaculate is likely to face a variety of punishments such as extra guard duty.



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